Sunset Overdrive On PS4 Teased by Insomniac Games?

One of the few truly exclusive games to come to the Xbox One at the start of this generation was Sunset Overdrive, an over-the-top and colorful third-person shooter game developed by Insomniac Games. However, it’s possible that with Insomniac’s acquisition by Sony Interactive Entertainment, we’ll be seeing Sunset Overdrive on PlayStation 4 soon.

The studio was first acquired by Sony in August of last year, after releasing the highly popular and critically acclaimed Spider-Man game for the PS4. So with Insomniac now under the Sony umbrella, it’s possible we’ll be seeing other Insomniac games coming to the Playstation 4.

The rumor was sparked by a tweet from Insomniac Games that featured Sunset Overdrive, showing a picture of the protagonist in combat with some of the game’s enemies. However, no other details were forthcoming in the tweet.

It would be rather odd for a six-year-old game to be ported to an entirely different console, especially if it’s for an entirely new generation, but Sunset Overdrive has been an Xbox and PC exclusive for years now and with the Xbox One’s disappointing performance this gen never really got a fair shake.

So seeing Sunset Overdrive on PS4, or even on the Playstation 5 when that comes out, might do a lot to help that game get a second wind that it deserves. Considering its wide variety of unconventional weapons, colorful imagery, and fun gameplay, Sunset Overdrive could certainly benefit from a second chance.

Either way, until either Insomniac Games or Sony themselves announces that we’ll be seeing the game on the Playstation 4 or Playstation 5, all that fans of the game can do is wait and hope. If we do end up seeing Sunset Overdrive on PS4 or PS5, hopefully the greater power of the consoles will allow it to look even better than it already did on the Xbox One.