Red Dead Online Naturalist Frontier Pursuit Guide

With the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 update, players have received some exciting new updates. One of these is the Naturalist Frontier Pursuit that you’ll now be able to get into. For this Red Dead Online Naturalist Role Guide, we’ll be showing you how you can effectively invest yourself into this very specific line of work.

Red Dead Online Naturalist Frontier Pursuit

Launch up RDO and in the main menu head to the Naturalist tab. If you miss this, however, then just head to Harriet located in Strawberry to get started with the Naturalist role in RDO.

You can find her Magnifying Glass icon on the map. After you get there, you will be introduced to her through a cutscene.

Gus and Harriet
You will be introduced to two new interesting characters that go by the name of Gus and Harriett. Where Gus is actually a full-fledged hunter, and Harriet is a conservationist.

Once all introductions have been put to the side, talk to Harriet to learn more about being a Naturalist.

Buy a Sample Kit
Get to Harriet, who will be marked by yet another Magnifying Glass. Talk to her, and buy the Sample Kit for a total of 25 Gold. You will now gain access to the Animal Field Guide and Legendary Animal Map.

Gus or Harriet?
Selecting to help Gus MacMillan, you’ll be able to tackle down Legendary Animals and hunt them.

Siding with Harriet Davenport will allow you to preserve wildlife; you’ll be collecting blood samples for the new Legendary Animals.

Rewards for becoming a Naturalist
Depending on who you choose to help, you will receive rewards accordingly. Becoming a Naturalist will reward you with the Naturalist Varmint Rifle, which gives you Sedative Cartridges and Revive Tonics.