This Is How Halo Infinite Looks On PS4

In the Playstation 4 game “Dreams”, you can make anything, especially video games. This even includes games currently in development, such as Ghost of Tsushima or, especially today, Halo Infinite. The “game”, created by user DISARMED, appeared on a lark when they entertained the idea of playing a Halo game on Playstation 4.

Halo has been the Xbox’s killer app ever since the original game came out back in 2001, and while the series has lost some of its popularity under 343 Interactive, the franchise still has a dedicated fanbase, of which DISARMED is one.

Halo Infinite got its first-ever gameplay reveal when the game was part of the Xbox Games Showcase last week, and while the demo has been criticized for low-graphics (despite it being a demo), DISARMED decided to try out Dreams and see what they could do with it.

While the clip of Halo Infinite in Dreams isn’t actually that long, and it’s quite clearly not a one-to-one imitation, it just goes to show the graphical power and quality of the visuals that Dreams is capable of making.

The game has previously been used to imitate many other gaming moments, such as a snippet of Ghost of Tsushima’s E3 2018 demo, and even a section of the Unreal Engine 5 demo shown by Epic Games several months ago.

Microsoft has previously given statements on why Halo isn’t coming to the Playstation at any point in the future. While they’re open to it, they would want the entire Xbox library on the console too so that players could get the full experience.

Thankfully, you can still play Halo games on the PC since Microsoft released the Master Chief Collection onto Steam, and has said that other Halo games in the future will be coming to that platform as well.

You can find DISARMED’s attempt at making Halo Infinite in Dreams by following this link, or look up the Halo Infinite gameplay demo yourself. The game still doesn’t have a release date, but hopefully Microsoft and 343 will be giving one out soon.