PlayStation 5 Activities System Allows Instant Access To Select Parts Of Games

It was confirmed a while ago that PlayStation 5 will allow players to instantly access certain parts of a game right from the main menu. That new next-generation feature has now been revealed to be called PlayStation Activities.

While speaking with Game Reactor Spain in a recent interview, director Alan Jarniou and product manager Sébastien Waxin highlighted (via WCCFtech) that the new World Rally Championship (WRC 9) installment from developer Kylotonn will give players “direct access” to races from the start menu.

Hence, players will not be required to boot WRC 9 to be notified of new racing events. They will instead be notified by the PlayStation 5 dashboard and where, PlayStation Activities will allow them to jump right into the action, courtesy of the new “super-fast” solid-state drive.

However, it is the improvements focused on the execution of the software that can end up changing the experience completely, as WRC 9 will implement fully asynchronous and optimized loading, using the new super-fast SSD memories so that the players get behind the wheel in no time, while the function of the PlayStation 5 Activities system will propose instant ‘deeplink’ links from the start menu to directly access races or parts of the game, with the intention of “keeping players hooked”.

PlayStation Activities was previously teased by system architect Mark Cerny as a way to further increase the booting times of PlayStation 5 games. While multiplayer games will provide joinable activities in real time, single-player games will provide information like what missions to do or what rewards to receive. The only thing left to clarify is whether developers will have to add support for PlayStation Activities or if the new PlayStation 5 operating system will do the job automatically.

WRC 9 will initially release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 3, 2020. The game will come to Nintendo Switch, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, down the road. Kylotonn is yet to detail next-generation features but has confirmed the PlayStation 5 version to offer native 4K support with 60 frames per second, alongside improved physics and simulation.

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