PlayStation 5’s Side Plates Can Be Detached

It was already presumed (as well as officially stated) that PlayStation 5 will provide modders with a lot of customization options. The first batch of proof to confirm as such has apparently found its way online.

According to a thread on ResetEra earlier today, the twin large plates that cover PlayStation 5 from both sides can be easily removed. Based on the provided leaked images, the side plates are clipped to the console. Hence, they can be detached and swapped on the fly if the need be.

The discovery opens up doors for users who want their next-generation console to be unique. The shell can be removed, for example, to be painted by modders. Another likelihood being that there will probably be a market where users can purchase customized plates for their PlayStation 5 consoles.

Remember that the old Xbox 360 offered customized faceplates as well but as of late, hardware customizations have been rare. PlayStation 5 looks to be bringing the console modding scene back with a lot of ease (and support) for modders.

Last month, PlayStation’s vice president of UX design Matt MacLaurin stated that fans can look forward to several PlayStation 5 special editions, including the much-requested matte (or even glossy) black finish, down the road. He also noted that Sony Interactive Entertainment has designed PlayStation 5 to be “customizable in ways previous generations (consoles) were not.” The implication being that not only Sony but modders will also have a great time in painting and brushing the console for all sorts of custom designs.

PlayStation 5 features a “bold, daring, and forward-future facing” console design with plenty of curves. The two white panels cover a black body with a blue internal light that runs across the console similar to the DualSense design. Since the panels can be removed, modders should be able to access the internal lighting as well, meaning that a PlayStation 5 running RGB lighting could be possible in the next generation.

There will be two different PlayStation 5 models to choose from at launch where one of them, dubbed as the digital edition, will forego a disc drive. Those who go with the standard edition though, which features a 4K Blu-ray drive, will be able to run all of their old PlayStation 4 discs without any issues.

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