New Resident Evil Village Trailer Apparently Coming Next Month

2021 will be a huge year for the video games industry and Resident Evil 8 will be one of the reasons why. After the initial announcement during the Playstation 5 reveal event, a new leak claims that there’s a new Resident Evil Village trailer coming next month. Is it time for some PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X gameplay for Capcom’s greatest horror franchise?

The leak comes from AestheticGamer further confirming Capcom’s official statement. Resident Evil 8 states that the game will get more details next month. This coincides with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Playstation State of Play. During the show, there might be new gameplay details or a trailer for Resident Evil 8.

We know for a fact that Resident Evil 8 will follow the protagonist Ethan after his move to a village. The plot revolves around folklore, werewolves, and hunters while keeping the Resident Evil vibe alive. The franchise is making room for new monsters to arrive after years and years of focusing mainly on bioweapons.

During the latest Famitsu issue, a dedicated article to Resident Evil Village pointed out that the game is about 60% done. This means that there’s a possibility for the game to be launching alongside next-gen consoles.

Undeniably, this is good news since there’s no better console opener than a classic horror game to show its performance capabilities.

Resident Evil Village releases on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021, there’s no release date yet though. Stick around for more news in August as soon as the new trailer and information pops up. Capcom will be dropping more details in a few weeks. The developer is expected to unveil more gameplay footage and perhaps confirm a few fan-crafted theories┬áthat have been running amok.

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