God Of War 2 Director Says No To Recent Reveal Rumors

There were recent rumors that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) would be announcing God of War 2 for PlayStation 5 in the next couple of months. The same rumor mill also churned out a release window for when Kratos and Atreus would be returning. All of those rumors have now been officially debunked.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, director Cory Barlog made it known what he thought about supposed insiders leaking information about God of War 2 through anonymous sources. It was enough to cancel out recent claims that the game would be revealed in August 2020 and released somewhere in fall 2021.

Take note that SIE Santa Monica Studio is yet to officially announce God of War 2 or whatever the developer decides to name the sequel to the new Norse-themed trilogy. However, it goes without saying that the game is definitely in the works.

The acclaimed 2018 original pretty much confirmed the continuation of the new storyline in a sequel. Those who have played (and ended) the game will know just how. There have also been hints here and there. Back in January, the now former narrative animator Kim Newman posted a picture of herself in a motion-capture suit, which many took as a clue to the ongoing development of God of War 2. Several job listings from 2019 also hinted of ongoing development as well.

Sony can hardly be expected to announce a first-party exclusive like God of War 2 with PlayStation 5 just months away. Not to mention, SIE Santa Monica Studio is not the kind to rush development to get a game out as fast as possible. Hence, fair to say, the next-generation entry of God of War will not be anytime soon. At best, a mid-generation release carries more weightage.

God of War sold over 3.1 million copies worldwide within three days of release on PlayStation 4 and over 5 million copies within the launch month. By May 2019, the game had sold over 10 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling game in the franchise.

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