FIFA 21 Gameplay Leaks Online

FIFA 21 releases in a few months and fans are eager to see what the new FIFA game will bring to the soccer franchise. A new leak supposedly showing FIFA 21 gameplay has surfaced online. The leaked gameplay shows new branding and character models in soccer matches.

The footage comes from FIFA21Betaa on Twitter, with leaker uploading more than a dozen clips. Those clips show facial expressions, player movement, the new purple shaded UI, and the new improved graphics in FIFA 21.

The origins of the footage are unknown but it looks like a preview version of the official game. That’s further supported by the fact that some screenshots include the EA Play watermark.

Even if the footage looks credible though, the twitter profile itself doesn’t include any other posts apart from the new leaks. This points to the uploader either being an insider or someone participating in a beta phase for the game. Whatever the case, the FIFA 21 gameplay leak looks as legit as we’ll get for now.

The upcoming EA Sports title includes a brand new Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and Volta Football as its main modes. In addition, there will be new mechanics to use in-game enhancing the franchise even more. Electronic Arts promises to show official gameplay in August so it won’t be long before the leaks come true.

FIFA 21 releases on October 6th, 2020 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A Legacy edition will also launch on Nintendo Switch while Playstation 4 and Xbox Series X will receive their next-gen versions later down the road.

Both next-gen editions of FIFA 21 will release for free through EA’s cross-gen launch program. This is a move that we didn’t expect but sure appreciate from the publisher. There’s no set release date for those as we don’t know when PS5 and Xbox Series X launch too.

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