Carrion DNA Abilities Locations Guide

Carrion has you step into the shoes of a parasitic entity as it feeds off of the scientists present within the facility. Your powers grow stronger with each organism you consume, along with the DNA you integrate into your lifeform. This Carrion DNA Locations guide will help you in locating every DNA cylinder found within the premises of the facility.

Carrion DNA Abilities Locations

Having acquired the following DNA cylinders will grant you various abilities that you can switch around using Containment Units in the game.

Main Story DNAs

: Military Junkyard
Shoot a cobweb to trap your enemies, or to activate levers through openings. Only usable in your smaller form.

Location: Uranium Mines
Be able to turn into a larger hump of biomass and gain greater strength. Smash through walls, vent covers, and enemies.

Location: Botanical Gardens
Go invisible, allowing you to move past lasers undetected.

Location: Leviathan Reef Base
Change yourself into a swarm of worms and be able to swim through smaller areas, you didn’t have access to previously.

Location: Relith Science HQ
Take control of your enemies.

Location: Leviathan Reef Base – Bridge
Grow hundreds of deadly Keratin spikes while in the medium monster size.

Location: Nuclear Power Plant
Pull objects by using harpoons. Only useable in the largest form.

Location: Armored Warfare Facility
Harden your outer lair, consequently taking less damage from all sources. Useable in the largest form only.

Location: BSL-4 Research Ward
Be able to turn into a human.

Hidden DNAs

Echo Location
Location: Hazardous Waste Landfill
The glowing diamond symbol on the wall just above the shielded guards. Head into the room, and you’ll discover Containment Unit No. 1, which allows you to use Echo Location and find bodies that can still be consumed.

Polycheiria 1
Location: Frontier
The second Containment Unit can be found in the Frontier. Grow a second tentacle with Polycheiria.

Polycheiria 2
Location: Bunker
Containment Unit No. 9 is found towards the Bunker in Frontier. Grow a third tentacle.

Electrosis 1
Location: Uranium Mines
Containment Unit No. 3 allows you to store more energy.

Electrosis 2
Location: Relith Science HQ
The 7th Containment Unit is found in Relith Science HQ and allows you to store more energy for discharge.

Electrosis 3
Location: Nuclear Power Plant
Found in the Nuclear Power Plant, and allows you to store even more energy prior to discharging.

Electrosis 4
Location: Armored Warfare Facility
The 8th Containment Unit contains the final upgrade for your electrical energy and allows you to store a large amount of charge before you discharge.

Location: Botanical Gardens
Containment Unit No. 4 is found in the Botanical Gardens and increases your fire resistance.

Pyrophilia 2
Location: Leviathan Reef Base
Fifth Containment Unit is found in the Leviathan Reef Base and maximizes your fire resistance making flamethrower enemies a lot easier to deal with.