Paper Mario The Origami King Spade Island Guide

Spade Island is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King. This is a walkthrough for the Paper Mario The Origami King Spade Island, and it includes the locations of all the Hidden Blocks, Non-Bottomless Holes and the Toad rescues.

Paper Mario The Origami King Spade Island

On Spade Island, one of the Toads will be stuck inside an explosive barrel, while players will have to help the poor Toad out of its misery.

To free the Toad, players are required to find the hidden Toads at first.

There will be 4 hidden Toads on Spade Island that you will have to find.

Each hidden Toad, once they’re found, will have to be placed at their corresponding color slot on the explosive barrel to free the stuck Toad.

You will also encounter Bloopers and Cheep Cheeps on the island; These foes will drop in on the island and you will have to defeat them.

Purple Toad
You will find the first Toad towards northeast of the island, where you will find some barrels. Smash the middle small barrel to find the purple Toad.

There will be a Non-Bottomless Hole near the bigger barrels located left of the trees. Fill the hole up with some confetti.

Blue Toad
In order to find the second Toad, head to the lawn chairs that you see on the island. The one on the right will have the second Toad under it.

Hammer the head rest of the chair after putting away the Goomba resting on it. Once you do this, the head rest will go down, hammer it again and the blue Toad will appear.

Green Toad
Near the trees next to the statues, you will have to smash the ground to find the green Toad.

Yellow Toad
For the last hidden Toad, you will have to head towards the barrels located on the southwestern side of the island.

Hammer the floor near the barrels which will make a Hidden Block show up. Once you do this twice, the Hidden Block will turn into brown from yellow.

By using the Block, jump on the barrels and get to the third barrel and jump on it to reveal another Hidden Block.

If you jump again, the box will turn brown and something will fly out of the Block. Go over to the thing that came out and smash it with your hammer to reveal the yellow Toad.

Now push each of the Toads into their slots located on the explosive barrel. Once you do this, the barrel will explode, and you will have rescued all of the five Toads on this island.

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