“No Plans” To Increase Hyper Scape’s Player-Count, Mouse Input Issue Being Looked Into

Ubisoft will be releasing not only regular content updates for Hyper Scape but also brand new features when going forward.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, creative director Jean-Christophe Guyot stated that a commitment has been made to keep the game as fresh as possible. There are plans to drop new weapons, hacks, and game modes for Hyper Scape on a regular basis. There are also presumably new features in the pipelines that Ubisoft will introduce in the near future.

Guyot also acknowledged that the player-base has been inquiring about the possibility of increasing the player-count. Hyper Scape currently supports up to a hundred players. Unfortunately, there are no plans to increase the number of players per match. Guyot though noted that the player-count is something Ubisoft will “continue to assess” down the road while keeping an “important” balance between the fast-paced gameplay of Hyper Scape and the player-density.

We plan to release new content like weapons, hacks and game modes on a regular basis but also introduce more features as we go forward. We currently have no plans to increase player count above 100, but player density and level of action are important aspects for the fast-paced high-flying experience we want to create and we will continue to assess those.

Guyot furthermore noted that Hyper Scape continues to improve based on “instrumental” data and player-feedback gathered from the technical tests and ongoing beta. Ubisoft wants the player-base to know that the game is being built for them and as such, all constructive feedback will be addressed quickly.

On that front, Guyot pointed out that a recently raised issue of sluggish in-game mouse movements is being looked into. Hyper Scape uses the same mouse inputs as Rainbow Six Siege. That being said, players discovered that the battle royale game places a cap on the polling rate of their mice to match the rendered frames. Ubisoft hopes to provide a quick update on the matter.

We build this game for the community and we want to make sure we address feedback quickly when we can, but also over the long term for aspects that require more development time.

The Technical test and the Beta have been instrumental in collecting data and feedback from the community. We learned a lot and we continuously improve the game based on the feedback we receive. Specifically, for mouse input we are currently using same core as in Rainbow 6 but we are looking into the issue and will see how we can decouple it.

Hyper Scape leverages two major flagships of Ubisoft. The game integrates city-building tools from the Assassin’s Creed franchise and the online technology from Rainbow Six Siege. Guyot stated that the goal with Hyper Scape was to utilize the aforementioned aspects and “capture the tension of the battle royale format with a focus on intense cat-and-mouse action.” That and to keep fast-paced action.

Hyper Scape is available on PC in open beta right now. The game will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the next couple of months, August at the earliest. With the console launch, Ubisoft will be releasing the first seasonal content as well across all platforms, which will be with a brand new battle pass.

Hyper Scape will be available day-one on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Though, Ubisoft will be releasing the same current-generation version of the game on the upcoming consoles. Any next-generation-specific enhancements such as improved frame-rate will come down the road.

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