Is Halo: Infinite Coming to Steam?

Microsoft has shown Halo fans a first in-game look of Infinite today, showing off Master Chief as its main character. We know for a fact that Halo: Infinite is coming to Xbox Series X and PC through the Microsoft Store but is it coming to Steam too?

The answer is yes. Halo: Infinite will be available to play on Steam. The game will have full controller support, single and online gameplay as well as online co-op. Its release date is still Holiday 2020 with no set day yet. However, it’s safe to bet that it will be a console opener for Xbox Series X.

Right now, the page for Halo: Infinite is up on Steam although pre-order is not available.

343 Industries promises that the game will look at its best on Series X with 4K Ultra HD support and a stable 60 FPS. As the Steam description points out this will be available only on One X and Series X. This means, as far as we know, that there will be no support for 4K on PC. Unlocked framerates are a given for PC so Microsoft won’t take that away from players. Hopefully.

Apart from the Microsoft Store and Steam, Halo: Infinite will also be available through the Xbox Game Pass on release. The same goes for all first-party Microsoft titles with support for other Xbox Game Studios titles too although day-one availability is not certain.

The Xbox Games Showcase took place earlier today with games like Crossfire X, Fable and Balan Wonderworld stealing the show. Microsoft looks capable of keeping up with Sony’s lineup of games for the next-gen console launch.

The company hasn’t revealed the Xbox Series X release date and price though. The broadcast was focused solely on game releases so we’ll have to wait a bit more. However, the Xbox team promised to come back with more news on their consoles and games later this year.

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