F1 2020 Review – A New Standard in Racing Simulation

F1 2020 shows that as an official developer for Formula 1 games, Codemasters continues to evolve with the ever changing aspects of Real time Formula 1 World. It brings in a lot of new features of the real F1 world. Induction of Team play, split screen and many new aspiring gameplay changes show that the developer is eager to make the experience of playing a Formula 1 game with F1 2020 to new heights.

F1 2020 is the Highly advanced and Significant upgrade over its prequels. While the real life season was delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic some of the features may seems off but Code master is committed to patch new changes in sponsors, levies and newly added circuits in Formula 1 for the 2020 season to the game. Lets go ahead and see whats new in the game!

Introduction of My Team

My Team is a new feather introduced in F1 2020 bringing in the option of creating and Managing a new team with yourself as a Driver, this feature bring a whole new world for Formula 1 racing simulator as now you cam dictate the direction of the team and yourself as a driver.

From choosing your teammate to which department to focus on you will have the control of it. While the features are not as in depth as the likes of Football manager like simulators, it is more in line with the FIFA Career mode. You have control over majority of the team management apart for some aspects of the car. You can also keep an eye on desirable options when they become free agent.

With good dictation, management, performance on the track while also maintaining good behavior off the track, you can rack up a lot of acclaim points to become the most prestigious team in formula 1, the higher your acclaim is the better options you will have in Sponsors and choosing your own teammate.

Achiving Sponsor goals will grant you the neccesary cash to invest in your departments.

Game and Design Changes

F1 2020 carried the tradition of bringing improvements in many aspects of the game just like its predecessor F1 2019, traction control has been adjusted in most of maps from elevation changes to Curves and breaking points. Camera angles have been adjusted, Overall graphics has been improved as well as the in depth sound quality of your engine and atmosphere.

The major change we noticed in the development of your vehicle, it is no longer viable to just avoid durability department as you will notice significant wear on your car if you let it untouched. This can significantly affect the performance of your car in the race. With addition of Simulated Practice sessions and focus on durability of your engine you can earn a lot of resource points while also maintaining your race pace.

You will notice the change in difficulty settings, AI has been tweaked and made a little bit more challenging. it is at times very difficult to cross if you are operating at assisted ERS and Fuel controls. Camera angles has been improved to popular demand

ERS system is overhauled to make it more like in real life setup, it has been made a bit more powerful. At times on some tracks you will find it very difficult to harvest energy which in return can effect your race pace so you will have to be more careful in its use.

Automatic ERS and Fuel mix usage has been improvement massively with addition of automatic DRS. This has improved the gameplay experience of keyboard players. There is still some scenarios where the automatic ERS does not work effeciently as seen in the above picture.

Career Mode is there with little to no changes except addition of F2 season for 1 year. I really disliked the lack of approach in that regard as you can choose any team in F1 after finishing your F2 limited season. Which is not challenging at all.

Instead what would have been better is the option of back marker teams offering you a contract and you progressing from there to the best of the grid. With Ferari Acandemy drivers getting favorable contracts from Ferari powered teams and Mercedes ones to their engine powered teams, it just didn’t feel balanced.

Race time penalty system is changed, now you can get time penalty for 2 sec to 10 sec. It depends on the action which penalty you will get, corner cutting penalty is still the same with 3sec per 3 warnings.


While the multiplayer itself is fine, there are few issues that were present in F1 2019 as well. One of the major being server connection issues, you can at times lose the connection just like last time without any reason which can completely ruin your races.

Last i played the multiplayer, the red Light start bug is still there, which makes host see the the lights go off at different times than rest of the lobby which is quite infuriating and has been present for a long time now.

This will be the section where Codemasters has to improve a lot, these things can hinder the development of F1 Esports. Especially when there is an Official Esports scene that is growing by each year.

Final Verdict

F1 2020 has definitely improved a lot from its predecessor in every aspect of the game. It has become more challenging and entertaining to play especially with all new features that help players playing on the keyboard. Ai behaviour is quite realistic and adaptive, you will no longer see Ai pits one lap before it is going to rain although Jeff will tell you to do it. Which makes races more dynamic and interesting a foot in right direction. it is good at defensive driving and all trying to push you all time with its opportunist driving although it is still reluctant to fight in late breaking scenarios.

New Career mode in MyTeam is great and can be improved upon with even more complications or pointers adding in future. It was a very enjoyable experience with all new pressure of financially managing your team to race for them on the weekend. All the new pressure bring in the feels of what a race and team go thought an actual F1 team or at least close to it.

Multiplayer as mentioned above is pretty disappointing which can be a real bummer for people who likes F1 esports, Code master will need to address this issue sooner rather than later if they want to expand the esports scene of the game. Because it can be really discomforting to get DC after a long 30 mint race after all the stress and effort that is put in.



F1 2020 has brought sufficient updates for the hardcore racing fans. The game is up to date with the real life rules and it really makes you feel like an F1 driver. Multiplayer, however, can use some improvements.