New Valorant Oni Skins Leaked, Trick Out Your Weapons Japan-Style

Even though a set of Valorant skins has just come out in the form of the Elderflame Ultra Editions Skin Pack, a leak about the game has given us a good look at the new Valorant Oni skins that players will be able to use to customize their weapons.

The Oni skins appear to take a lot of inspiration from Japan’s feudal days, styling all of the gun categories in Valorant to look like Japanese matchlocks with the faces of oni (Japanese demons) for decoration. This even extends to melee weapons.

Of course, these skins aren’t going to be cheap, either. Getting the whole skin pack will cost you 7,100 Valorant points, which amounts to $70 in real-world money. They can also be purchased for around 1,175 Valorant points for each individual weapon, but that’s still around $20.

While these sorts of skins would be prohibitively expensive for most Valorant players, there will undoubtedly be a sizable number of players that would likely be willing to pay that much, especially if you like the look of the new Valorant Oni skins.

Riot Games justifies the high price due to the lack of skin-trading available in the game. Skin trading is a feature that several other online multiplayer shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have that allows cosmetics to be traded between accounts.

Such a mechanic allows for players to be able to swap skins that they don’t want for ones that they do want, but Riot justified the lack of such a feature by the fact that there are no Valorant loot boxes, so you can just buy any skin you want.

Skin-trading in Riot’s eyes would just mean that someone who has an expensive skin would likely be bugged to trade it for something else, bringing in a new form of complexity that might detract from the experience. Hence, if you feel like the skins are worth it, you can get that same sort of satisfaction from buying them instead of trading.

There’s no word on when the new Valorant Oni skins will actually be releasing, but hopefully it will be coming pretty soon.