Dragon Age 4 Making Slow Progress Due To COVID-19

The only significant Dragon Age 4 news for the past couple of years has been that the much-anticipated sequel remains in active development. BioWare has not come around to reveal anything about features or gameplay, except to make regular assurances that the game has not been cancelled.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, executive producer Mark Darrah provided a little much-needed update on the development. Dragon Age 4 is making progress, albeit slowly. Darrah reminded that COVID-19 forced developers to work from their homes and which has proven to be rather difficult.

The main thing to take away though being that BioWare is still working on Dragon Age 4. Darrah refraining from mentioning when a reveal can be expect can possibly mean that BioWare still has a lot of work to do before showing anything.

Dragon Age 4 was announced back in 2018 with a cryptic teaser that featured the voice of the Dread Wolf, an ancient elf god who was one of the companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition and who wants to destroy the Veil.

BioWare is yet to confirm the platforms and release window. Based on what chief operating and financial officer Blake Jorgensen said during an earnings report last month, Dragon Age 4 will not be releasing until April 2022 at the earliest. Hence, fans can expect the game to be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, as well as the current-generation consoles and PC.

There were rumors last year that publisher Electronic Arts had asked BioWare to add “live service” elements to Dragon Age 4 just like Anthem. Looking at the state of the latter though—even now, there were many genuine concerns.

Furthermore, the developer has stated that the upcoming sequel will be focusing on on story and characters, more so than the last installments. There will apparently also be some kind of endgame content that will involve “continued storytelling” even after the main campaign has been finished.

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