Paper Mario The Origami King Big Sho’ Theater Guide

The Origami King’s seventh Blue Streamer level is called “Big Sho’ Theater”. In this Paper Mario The Origami King Big Sho’ Theater level, Mario will get a chance to jump up on stage and perform various different acts. However, he’ll have to face some challenges as he’s doing so.

Paper Mario The Origami King Big Sho’ Theater

To help you complete Big Sho’ Theater in Paper Mario: The Origami King and collect all the collectibles, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through the entire level, step by step.

Entering the Big Sho’ Theatre
After getting the Master Key in Shogun Studios, unlock the Big Sho’ Theater’s door and head inside. A cutscene will play, after which you can equip the Paper Macho Goomba Mask to walk past the enemies, into the lobby of the theater.

Once there, read every single sign you see in there to get info about the theater. You’ll figure out that the there are four floors to this theater, with each floor hosting a unique type of show.

Now, use the Save Block and then make your way into the seating area by going into the large red doors.

There will be three seats already reserved for your team in the front row. The show will start once you sit down on the seats.

First Show
As soon as the show starts, the spotlight will shine on Mario. Use the Save Block to your right and then go up on the stage to perform.

This first performance has you in a western style gun duel.

All you need to do is to wait for a Shy Guy to show up on your screen with a sign saying ‘Fire!’. When he shows up, quickly press A to fire your gun.

There will be three enemies for you to duel with. With each duel, more and more distractions will appear on your screen.

The Shy Guy will first come out of the saloon gate in the middle, then from the left above a door and finally the sign will over on the left.

After you defeat all three outlaws, use the Save Block and then sit back down in your seat to continue with the show.

Second Show
In the second performance, a group of Paper Macho Koopa Troopas will be bullying Birdo, who’ll call Mario for help.

When you go up on stage, the Koopa Troopas will go inside their shells and they’ll start sliding on the stage from one side to the other.

You must hop on top of their shell and then whack it with a hammer to smash it.

The first few shells will move with a fixed speed. After you kill them, they’ll start to play around a bit by changing up their speed and pausing randomly.

After you eliminate all the gang members, the two gang leaders (the ones with sunglasses) will show up.

These Koopa Troops move around in every direction and you’ll need to jump on their shell two times to stop them.

If you land a jump on their shell once, they will go crazy and will start to move even faster and even more randomly. You’ll have to wait for them to calm down before you attempt your second jump.

Once you beat both of the gang leaders, you’ll get a kiss from Birdo and will be allowed to go back to your seat.

Third Show
For the third performance, the Shy Guys will perform a beautiful ballet. After they dance for a bit, you’ll be called up on stage to dance with them.

Get to the middle of the stage and start dancing. Unfortunately, Mario will end up dropping the Shy Guy, turning him into confetti. This will tick off the Shy Guys and they’ll start to attack you.

This battle will be a bit similar to the previous one as the Shy Guys will dance around the stage in routines.

You have to keep your distance with them but stay close enough so you can whack them with the hammer.

There’s a chance for them to drop a heart on being whacked so remember to pick it up and heal yourself.

Once you eliminate all of them, pick up the heart from the right side of the stage to heal yourself and get back to your seat.

Rubber Band Boss Battle
Before this boss battle starts, make sure to equip Health, Guard and Time Plus accessories to make this fight significantly less difficult. Also, remember to use the Save Block and get some Mushroom items from the Toad.

In this boss battle, Rubber Band throws his rubber bands around the ring which bounce you in the direction of the ring they’re pointing towards.

The rubber bands will bounce you into another ring but they won’t change your direction. Your goal is to get to the center using these rubber bands.

You cannot deal damage to Rubber band using your boots and hammer. If you don’t bump into one of his rubber bands, Rubber Band will just eat it up at the end of the turn to regenerate its HP.

Rubber Band can hit quite hard. Its most basic attack, the Snapback’ can deal more than 30 damage to Mario. The damage depends on how close Mario is to Rubber Band.

Rubber Band also does a move where he fires three rubber bands in succession at Mario.

These rubber bands deal significant damage and also trap Mario. If the rubber band traps Mario, he’ll lose his turn; allowing Rubber Band to get in an additional attack.

While you’re trapped, all you can do is press A as quickly as you can and hope that Rubber Band misses his Snapback attack on you.

What’s tricky about this attack is that the time it takes Rubber Band to fire them is not fixed, meaning you can’t just predict the attacks to properly time your block.

Furthermore, he can even aim them upwards so they’ll be airborne for a bit before landing on you; making it even more difficult to time your block.

The trick to blocking is to keep your eyes on Mario instead of the incoming rubber bands. As soon as you see the rubber band get close enough to Mario, block.

How to Deal Damage to Rubber Band
You can perform a very strong attack by using the Magic Circle. To do this, first walk onto the outer ring and then move clockwise by using the arrow and bump into the rubber band which will bounce you into the lower ring, onto the area with the icon that says ‘ON’. This will turn on the Magic Rings.

Then, hit the subsequent rubber band as you continue moving clockwise to be bounced to the lower ring.

Do this one more time and you’ll land on the Magic Circle icon. You’ll now be able to use the Magic Circle to deal quite a bit of damage to Rubber Band.

Another way to deal damage to Rubber Band is by using your 1000-Fold Arms. This will only work if the Magic Circle is in the initial two inner rings.

If you whack it from the ring furthest inside, you’ll deal the greatest amount of damage.

If you want to heal yourself during the battle, you can do so by landing on the regular Action icon and selecting the Mushroom instead of a weapon.

You can even gain two actions by standing over a blue + icons to heal two times. There will also be some hearts in the arena.

After you deal some damage to Rubber Band and his HP falls down to a single silver, he’ll perform his most deadly attack: the Solo Snapback. With this attack, he’ll stretch himself and throw himself towards Mario.

He can deal more than 50 damage with this attack. You have to carefully press A before he hits to block part of this attack.

At this point in the battle, you can only use your 1000-Fold Arms to deal damage.

When you’re trying to grab him, he’ll move side-to-side and will even try to attack you. Get a hold of the top portion of Rubber Band when he stops moving, smash him on the ground and throw at the wall.

After you defeat Rubber Band, head over to the Blue Streamer and destroy it using the Magic Circle. This will increase your Confetti Bag capacity.

Now, go back to your seat. The theater will return to the first floor and the Toads will start leaving.

Once they’ve left, get on the Wild West Stage and grab the two secrets to complete this area.

Big Sho’ Theater Collectibles
Toad: After you beat Rubber Band and smash the Blue Streamer, go back up on the Wild West Stage and walk to the right side of your screen to go offstage. Here, you’ll see an Origami Cactus which you can hammer to save a Toad.

Collectible Treasure #53: After you beat Rubber Band and smash the Blue Streamer, go back up on the Wild West Stage and walk to the right side of your screen to go offstage. Here, you’ll find a treasure chest