Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Now Rumored For 2021

BioWare has been heavily rumored to be remastering the acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy, and growing speculations have now found a new release window.

“Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition” is the name of a new artbook being published by BioWare that was discovered only recently. The product listing on Amazon states that the official artbook “contains extensive new material from all three games” and is the “ultimate companion to one of the greatest series in the history of gaming.” For obvious reasons, fans are taking it as another breadcrumb that points everyone towards the existence of a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster.

The said artbook is currently available for pre-order at $39.99 for the hardcover edition and will release on March 23, 2021. Since publishers usually release artbooks alongside their games, so as not to spoil any in-game content, the rumored Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster has now been pegged by (most) fans for a potential release somewhere around the same March 2021 window.

Remember that BioWare will be hosting N7 Day like every year on November 7, 2020. Due to COVID-19 though, there will likely be a digital fan-celebration of the franchise instead. If the developer has really been remastering the Mass Effect trilogy just as the rumors have claimed, N7 Day would be a perfect platform for BioWare to make the announcement. Should that happen, an early 2021 release would not be unsurprising at all.

In January 2020, BioWare took to social media to send out cryptic teasers that included the opening cutscene of the original Mass Effect installment, as well as the iconic soundtrack and the official box art. BioWare even quoted Mass Effect 2 alongside an image of the SSV Normandy that was featured in all three installments of the trilogy.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was the last installment in the franchise and was released in 2017 to mediocre and mostly negative scores. There were a ton of issues with the game, which incidentally was supposed to kick-start a new trilogy. BioWare ended up abandoning the game as well as post-release content plans, a decision taken by publisher Electronic Arts.

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