Mafia Remake Has Character References To The Other Mafia Games

The complete and utterly jaw-dropping remake of the original Mafia game goes much deeper than just an overhauled visual fidelity. By bringing all three installments together as a trilogy bundle, developer Hangar 13 also decided to include several major references in the Mafia remake to connect the other two Mafia games as a single, massive storyline.

Speaking with GameSpot in a recent interview, game director Haden Blackman discussed how the original story had to be updated. Many of the major characters, particularly from Mafia 2, have been referenced in the Mafia remake. Furthermore, the developer also went a step further to adjust the original ending to be in line with the starting events of Mafia 2.

We’ve got some really direct references to characters from Mafia 2 in particular, and then even Mafia 3. Now that it is a trilogy, we can look back at the entire storyline. We know how the characters weave through there and the kind of crime families kind of ebb and flow through the three games, so we definitely make references to the other two games. I don’t want to give anything away for players that haven’t played it, but the ending of Mafia 1 is consistent with things shown in Mafia 2–people who played that game will know what I mean.

Blackman also pointed out that players will be collecting cigarette cards in the Mafia remake which reference various mob bosses or mobsters from the franchise. Most of these collectible cards will feature characters from the original Mafia but there will be some additional cards that reference characters from the entire Mafia trilogy.

Furthermore, Blackman noted that while the original story has been updated, the linear structure of the gameplay has not been touched. Mafia: Definitive Edition will still feature the in-game city as a backdrop and fans should not expect a widely explorable open-world.

We wanted to keep true to the spirit of the original, which is this kind of linear, mission-based narrative-driven experience. So, we treat the city as a character in its own right for all the Mafia games, but it really does serve as a kind of a backdrop to these missions. But like in the original, you can still play in Free Ride and the Test Drive modes, but now with the various new vehicles.

The Mafia remake—Mafia: Definitive Edition—will officially release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 28, 2020. The definitive editions of the other two Mafia games are already available on the same aforementioned platforms.

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