Halo Infinite Box Art Shows The Grappling Hook & The Banished

The official box art of Halo Infinite has been unveiled by developer 343 Industries just ahead of the much-anticipated Xbox Series X games showcase.

There are various versions to choose from for those interested in using the box art as either a wallpaper or social banner. 343 Industries has linked them all on the official forums, while exclaiming excitement over the Halo Infinite reveal that will be taking place tomorrow during the Xbox Series X digital event.

Tomorrow is THE day. We’re excited for you to see what we’ve been working hard on. To tide you over, here’s the amazing Halo Infinite box art you can look forward to seeing on shelves later this year.

As for the box art itself, community veterans will have already realized that 343 Industries has thrown in a tribute to the two-decades-old Halo: Combat Evolved. The background, setting, and pose are pretty identical; and can be taken as a promise of delivering the same quality of experience with Halo Infinite.

There are also two things hiding in plain sight that confirm what has been an open secret for a while. Master Chief was recently leaked to be returning in Halo Infinite with a grappling hook, which can be seen attached on his left forearm in the box art. Furthermore, zooming in on his visor will reveal a reflection of a Banished. The mercenary organization, a splinter group that rebelled against the Covenant Empire, was recently teased by 343 Industries to be returning just as past leaks claimed.

Reiterating again, Microsoft will be showcasing first-party footage for Xbox Series X tomorrow. Halo Infinite will be one of the star attractions and where 343 Industries is expected to drop a full-blown gameplay reveal. The new installment in the iconic franchise will be part of the launch lineup of Xbox Series X when the next-generation console release worldwide around the upcoming holiday season.

Elsewhere, 343 Industries has been spotted to be hiring for a new project set in the Halo universe. While no details are available at the time of writing, the mysterious new project could perhaps be a spin-off since working on a follow-up to Halo Infinite right now would be too soon. Both Microsoft and 343 Industries have repeatedly stated that there are a lot of untold stories in the Halo universe. Utilizing the full power of Xbox Series X could potentially help the developer branch out to flex creativity in presenting a new Halo experience.

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