Dreams Update 2.16 Is Live, VR And Other Improvements

A brand new patch released for Media Molecule’s Dreams. Take note that this patch is only available on PlayStation 4. Dreams Update 2.16 finally introduces VR, alongside new playable content, kits, how to’s, and much more. The developers also released various important tweaks, improvements, additions, features, and bug fixes. Take note that the download and install size is around 740 MB. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Dreams Update 2.16.

  • Inside The Box: A showcase for Dreams VR, with examples and inspirations to kick-start community creations, such as games, kits and more. Note that while this content can be played with any of our control methods, the wireless controller with motion sensor function is optimal. Can also be played without a VR headset.
  • All Aboard VR: An introduction to VR in Dreams, highlighting the different settings and controls used to play in VR.
  • VR How Tos: Four new How To videos, featuring tips for creating VR experiences and exploring the new gadgets you’ll find in Edit Mode.
  • Head/Camera Tracker: A gadget that makes it easy to track, and attach objects to, the game camera.
  • Hand/Imp Tracker: A gadget that makes it easy to track, and attach objects to, the imp thanks to Dreams 2.16.
  • Look Cursor Sensor: A sensor gadget that detects where a player is looking, with associated tweaks on supporting gadgets.
  • Dreamiverse Screen Size: Control how large Dreamiverse screens appear when in VR.
  • Allow Low Frame Rate in VR: Control what happens when frame rate drops below our performance standards.
  • VR Filtering Options: Specify whether you want to see VR content in the Dreamiverse.
  • Flip Menu Buttons: If using the left-handed setting and swapping often between motion controllers and wireless controller, turning this on keeps the ordering of buttons in the create menus consistent.

In other news, it was an important day recently for the fans of The Last of Us Part 2, who could finally enter the world of Naughty Dog’s much anticipated sequel. It was also an important date for the Californian team, as the rest of the PlayStation studios know, and at Media Molecule they wanted to honor the game as they know best with a creation in their own game, Dreams.

The Media Molecule game has made a name for itself thanks to the immense creative possibilities it offers. And who better to take advantage of them than the artistic director of the studio, Kareem Ettouney, who has originated a true work of art by representing Ellie playing the guitar with an animation, but all using only the tools of Dreams. You can see the video here!

Here you will find the complete list of all Dreams Update 2.16 patch notes. I remind you that Media Molecule and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Dreams released on February 14, 2020.

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