Top 5 Best-Selling PS4 Games Include Spider-Man, God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn

Mat Piscatella of the video game analyst group the NPD group has gone on record on Twitter naming the top five best-selling PS4 games. The list was in response to a tweet from Greg Millar advertising a video that would determine what the best PS4 exclusive of all time is.

Since this generation is winding down as the release dates of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X get ever-closer, and Playstation had made it clear that the launch titles for the Playstation 5 wouldn’t be cross-generational, it’s about time the best game on the Playstation 4 was determined.

Piscatella’s list categorizes the top five by dollar sales. They are, from positions one to five:

* Marvel’s Spider-Man
* God of War
* Horizon Zero Dawn
* The Last Of Us: Part II
* Final Fantasy 7: Remake

Of course, if you’re going by personal preference, it’s a lot more difficult. One of the Playstation 4’s primary strengths over the Xbox One was its strong lineup of exclusives, so if you’re not going by the best-selling PS4 games, you’ll have a lot more thinking to do.

Critical following is another way that people can debate over what Playstation 4 exclusive is best. While all of the games on the list were highly-praised, at least one, in the form of The Last Of Us 2, was also highly controversial and some people may not think it deserves to be thought of as one of the greatest.

Of course, the fact that Spider-Man is up at the top of the list is a good indicator that its upcoming standalone expansion Miles Morales will likely be a good first step for the Playstation 5. Since three of the other four entries in the best-selling PS4 games list are also getting sequels, they’ll likely do well too when they come out.

You can follow the link to Greg Miller’s Twitter about his newest video here, but aside from the best-selling PS4 games, what do you think the top 5 Playstation 4 games are?