Paper Mario The Origami King Breezy Tunnel Guide

After you’ve dealt with a giant monster on the Princess Peach cruise, you’ll have to save Olivia from the Breezy Tunnel. In this Paper Mario The Origami King Breezy Tunnel Walkthrough, we’ll be walking you through every step and showing you the location for every collectible found in this rather small level.

Paper Mario The Origami King Breezy Tunnel

The Tunnel
Breezy Tunnel is a relatively smaller level compared to the magnitude of Princess Peach. You’ll initially enter here searching for Olivia. Walk to the left from the entrance and talk to Monty Mole.

Head further down left and go under the bridge, to find yourself at the center of the cavern. You can gather coins by hammering the circular spots on the walls.

Use the rocks at the back to get to the second level, from there proceed to the bridge to find the area with a campfire along with Monty Mole.

You can hit the ?-Block for a total of 1000 coins. Drop in to the area with two Monty Moles and use the rocky steps to your left to get to the next level.

Chest 1­ – Hammer the arched wall to find a hidden passage with a treasure chest.

A Gold Hammer?
Go back to the area with the two Monty Moles and go left until you reach a wall. Keep bringing the Monty Mole out of the wall and it’ll give you a Gold Hammer.

Use the door right next to you from this point and go into the next room. Jump on the logs to your right and make your way to the ledge.

Chest 2 – Open the second chest here.

Exit the room and head right. Go up the steps and follow the path to the right till you get to a bridge that will lead you to a campfire.

Block 1 – You will see the block next to the campfire

Hammer the back wall to reveal another secret passage that’ll let you get to the third floor.

Head to the third floor and the door to the left will lead you to a Weapons and Accessories merchant.

Time to Leave!
All Monty Moles will come down when you reach the end, saying that they gathered rubble from the explosion, which you’ll happily check.

Talk to Bob-omb’s ghost and head back to Olivia. Go up to her and put on your Paper Macho Goomba Mask which will make her really happy.

Olivia will join you, from here you can leave the cavern and go out of Breezy Tunnel.

Follow the mine cart tracks until you reach the double doors (Sealed, mind you).

Hammer the rocks in front of the doors which will make a Magic Circle pop out. Use the 1,000-Fold Arms to open the doors.

Toad 1 – After heading through the door, free the Toad from the boot car to your left. You’ll now be able to use the car to travel around in the desert. You may also use the Boot Whistle to summon the car to your location.

Toad 2 – You can save the second Toad near the exit. Turbo through the Origami Shovel in the middle of the tunnel by pressing ZR, to rescue the Toad