Outriders’ ESRB Rating Notes Interactions With “Prostitute Characters” & Suggestive Dialogues

Outriders has been given a mature (17+) rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) to little surprise. The rating summary notes that the upcoming third-person shooter from developer People Can Fly will contain a lot of blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, and suggestive themes.

The quest to save humanity on an alien planet named Enoch will lead to interactions with all kinds of characters in Outriders, aliens included. ESRB confirms that Outriders will feature “frenetic combat” where some attacks may result in decapitation or dismemberment, alongside cutscenes that depict gore and other acts of violence.

Particularly, ESRB points out that players will be able to interact with “prostitute characters” in Outriders. There will also be suggestive dialogues as part of the overall role-playing experience.

As players progress, they can interact with prostitute characters; some dialogue also references suggestive material (e.g., “How about all the times I wrapped my legs around you”; “I took you from a whorehouse. A little gratitude would be nice.”).

Outriders was announced last year and has since then been compared with the likes of Destiny, Gears of War, Mass Effect, and The Division. According to game director Bartosz Kmita, a decision was made to just create a hybrid of all those games (and more) and let the players themselves choose how they want to play. Outriders, hence, is by design a create-your-own-shooter, just like how Bulletstorm (credited to People Can Fly as well) was designed to reward players for creating their own kills.

Despite the comparisons, Kmita noted that Outriders has its own identity while being familiar at the same time. People Can Fly believes that it has found a winner with Outriders, a game that will trump Bulletstorm to becomes its new flagship. Just how a balance has been maintained between all of those gameplay aspects is something that will actually define Outriders at launch.

Outriders was recently delayed and will now be releasing in the holiday season of 2020 — somewhere at the end of December — for both current- and next-generation consoles and PC.

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