Nintendo Trademarks Mario Sports Brand In Europe, Australia

Nintendo has registered a trademark for a Mario Sports brand in Europe and Australia, the duration of which is ten years. This likely means that more sports-focused Mario games will be coming at some point in the future, though nothing has currently been announced about it by the publisher itself.

While there was a Nintendo Direct Mini today, Nintendo didn’t reveal anything about Mario during it because the Mini was specifically focused on third-party developers that would be releasing games on the Switch such as Shin Megami Tensei 5, Rogue Company, and more.

There have been a large number of sports games involving the Mario crew over Nintendo’s history with the character, most recently a new Mario Tennis game on the Switch in 2018 and the Mario and Sonic Olympics crossover last year, but those are different from games actually labeled Mario Sports as a brand.

The Mario games that are actually part of the Mario Sports brand are Mario Sports Mix and Mario Sports Superstars. While that’s only two, the establishment of the brand trademark likely means that Nintendo has bigger plans for something like this in the future, especially over the next decade.

Whether this means that future Mario games involving sports will be released under the same umbrella remains to be seen, but with the success of Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo might be going more into exercise and sports games rather than party games and platformers.

Starting something new with Mario could also be symbolizing something new, since everyone’s favorite Italian plumber will be turning 35 this year and rumors have been going around of some big new Mario game getting announced aside from Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Whatever way that Nintendo takes the Mario Sports brand, hopefully the games that result from it end up being quality titles that can open up a new avenue for Mario.