EA Patents Socially Generated Game Recommendations

Electronic Arts (EA) wants to enhance the average gaming experience by generating tailored game recommendations based on social connections.

According to a recent patent, EA can incorporate a digital platform to create gaming profiles of friends and family members who are connected to a single user within their social circle. The said profiles would include gaming habits and related gaming data such as the games they recently played, the events they took part in, the scores and achievements they obtained, and such. EA can then automatically generate game recommendations for the user by comparing the aforementioned social profiles of their friends and family.

For example, a user may be notified that one of their friends recently recorded a personal best score in a particular game and that they are recommended to beat that score. In another example, a user may by notified that one of their friends recently took part in an event where they took first place and that they are recommended to take part as well and beat the leaderboard.

The most interesting thing to note from the patent is that the mentioned system can bridge different platforms. Hence, game recommendations can be made regardless of where friends and family members are playing. One friend could be playing a particular game on PlayStation 4 while another friend could be playing the same game on Xbox One. EA can then make recommendations for the said game to the user in question on PC.

…the data for recommendation can come from comparisons based on information such as social connections among game players and their friends, games played, events played, scores, and achievements obtained in games or events played, or any combination thereof. Recommendations can be generated based on criteria such as what a player’s friends have done in comparison to what the player has done.

Elsewhere, EA was discovered a few months ago to have patented a new type of matchmaking system based more on retention than anything else in order to improve the player-experience. It was stated that players in a given match can be matched if their retention time meets a certain requirement. It was suggested that such a matchmaking system would serve to stop players from rage-quitting in games when they are losing.

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