Bloodborne Gets “Cute Zelda” Remake On PC With Yarntown

Those who are still waiting to see the acclaimed Bloodborne get ported over to PC from PlayStation 4 can take some time out to give Yarntown a try.

The indie project from developer Max Mraz reimagines Bloodborne, or at least a major portion of the decrepit Yharnam city, into a classic Legend of Zelda-style game with cute pixel artwork and a top-down perspective.

The short Twitter clip shared below presents a recreation of the Old Yharnam location in Yarntown, while the lengthy gameplay YouTube footage shared afterwards contains many of the bosses like Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne.

Yarntown is completely free to play on PC and can be downloaded here. As for Bloodborne, there have been several strong rumors about a PC port in the works. It was more recently claimed that Bloodborne will receive a remastered release on both PC and PlayStation 5 in the future, which is also apparently being headed by some other developer and not the original FromSoftware.

Shortly after Bloodborne was released for PlayStation 4 in 2015, many players started a petition to convince Sony to release the acclaimed game on PC. Back then, the developer categorically stated that Bloodborne will not be coming to PC and will remain as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. However, that tone has changed for the player-base ever since Guerrilla Games confirmed Horizon Zero Dawn to be coming to PC.

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