Ghost of Tsushima Wolves at the Gates Walkthrough

Wolves at the Gates is a quest of Act 3 in Ghost of Tsushima. In Ghost of Tsushima Wolves at the Gates quest, you’re assigned to find Takeshi, a Hunter to help you get to Fort of Kaminodake.

In this guide, we have given the complete walkthrough of the Wolves at the Gates quest with detailed information.

Ghost of Tsushima Wolves at the Gates

At the start of the quest, you’re assigned to find Yuna in the Jogaku Temple, 60m from your initial position.

You’ll find her near a campfire. Speak to her and she’ll ask you to find Takeshi; the leader of a hunter group on Mount Sago, to clear out the Mongols.

Once the interaction is over, head to Mount Sago, find Takeshi and ask him to help you. Follow him to the edge of the cliff and he’ll explain the entire plan to deal with Mongols.

Head down the cliff, go around the path, call your horse and head to Fort Kaminodake. Be careful since you’ll find a lot of enemies there.

Your task is to climb the cliff of Fort Kaminodake. To do so, you can use the broken house to jump and use the tree above to swing onto the cliff and head up.

Once on the cliff, you’ll find Takeshi and his archers. Take Survey and jump down into the camp and Kill everyone you see. Once you’ve cleared the area, speak to Takeshi and he’ll tell you to kill everyone in the Fort.

The Gateway will open and Mongols on Horses will enter, take cover and kill everyone. Keep in mind that the enemies use Explosive Arrows so make sure to take cover and save your own archers.

After the wave of enemies is taken care of, head to the bridge, the entrance gate will be opened so enter the area and fight.

Just in front of the entrance, there’s a Hwacha on the balcony, mount it to kill most of the enemies on the ground, but be careful as you can get attacked from behind.

After a while you’ll have to help Yuna at the gate, so visit the gate, help your allies kill the Mongols in the area.

Once done, a short cutscene will trigger and you’ll receive the Exiled Alliance Trophy as a reward for completing the quest

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