Bungie Announces Destiny 2 Beyond Light Delay Due To Coronavirus

Bungie announced yesterday in a statement that there will be a Destiny 2 Beyond Light delay, until November due to issues in development caused by the coronavirus. This marks the second time story content has been delayed on account of the pandemic. Beyond Light is the first true expansion since Forsaken.

Beyond Light is the next true chapter in the Destiny 2 story. While the free seasons of the game have each also moved the story along, chronicling the Red Legion trying to crash the Almighty into Earth, efforts to persuade Rasputin to help, and more.

The stakes, however, are much higher this time. Even as players stopped the Almighty, the Darkness has entered the solar system, leaving multiple planets under attack by the strange pyramid ships. However, this does give us more time to go through all of the Season of Arrivals’ different events.

Even though the Destiny 2 Beyond Light delay is a letdown for people who want the story of the game to move forward, it’s going to all be worth it when it actually comes out. The expansion will open up a new world for players to explore, the frozen moon of Europa.

With the Exo Stranger making a long-awaited return, players must team up with her, the Drifter, and Eris Morn in order to find out more about the Pyramids, while also learning how to use the powers of Darkness against itself.

Originally, the expansion was supposed to be coming out on September 22, but as Bungie stated in its weekly update, the pandemic has caused the studio to have to work out new ways to work, which has necessitated the Destiny 2 Beyond Light delay.

If you haven’t been playing the current season, you might want to take advantage of the delay to see what all it has to offer and be able to continue the story yourself, especially since the stakes have never been higher.