Video Game Addiction Is Not Tied To Specific Genres, Supports Study

A new study about video game addiction sheds some light on what aspects of it are tied to video games themselves. The study shows that the genre of each game is not indicative of addictive behaviour, making games themselves not addictive.

After an online survey studying the behavior of 1958 participants aged 14 and above, the researchers found out that even if a game is an RPG, a MOBA, a simulation game and so on, it doesn’t matter in terms of addiction. It’s the age, impulsivity and playtime that really impacts video game addiction. Here are the basic notes of the study:

  • No differences in problem use between gamers of different genres.
  • The proportion of time played socially was not associated with problem use.
  • Younger people played longer, more sociably, and had higher problem use scores.
  • More frequent use of video games was associated with higher scores of problem use.
  • Higher ratings of impulsivity were associated with higher problem use scores.

The conclusion is that the notion that video games cause addiction could be false. PVGU (Problematic Video Game Use) is affected by a variety of factors which don’t include titles in specific. This means that if a child is prone to video game addiction, it’s not because of Fortnite and League of Legends or FIFA 2019. Any game would have the exact same result.

Also if someone plays action games, those games won’t specifically make them violent as stated by many renowned personalities in the past, specially politicians.

The conclusion to the study states:

The current study does not support the assertion that the type of video game played is related to levels of problem use, challenging the idea that video games themselves are ‘addictive’. Future research should explore whether, when controlling for impulsivity and social play, online-only or Massively Multiplayer Online games are predictive of PVGU.

It will be interesting to see how video game addiction researches will move forward after that. What factors are those that really impact PVGU and at what age does the issue starts to slow down?

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