Final Fantasy 14 Can Reap “Great” Benefits From PS5 SSD, But At A Huge Cost

Final Fantasy 14 can utilize the custom solid-state drive (SSD) of PlayStation 5 for not only lightning-fast loading speeds but also much more. However, keeping in mind technological caveats, basically the fact that Final Fantasy 14 is a multi-platform game, Square Enix must reconsider what particular benefits to reap.

Speaking with 4Gamer in a recent interview, producer and director Naoki Yoshida explained that Final Fantasy 14 will need to receive a PlayStation 5-specific version to obtain benefits such as faster loading speeds, higher frame rates, support for 4K resolution, area movements, and more. Final Fantasy 14 being a multi-platform game though makes it “impossible” for Square Enix to make blanket adjustments that are exclusive to PlayStation 5.

[Final Fantasy 14] is a multi-platform of PC, Mac, PS4, so it is impossible to make it too specialized for specific hardware performance. If you rely on the high-speed loading of PS5 here, other hardware will of course fail. However, if such a super-high-speed custom SSD is installed, loading will be overwhelmingly fast without full tune for it, so if PS5 version of FFXIV comes out, the benefit obtained will be great. I guess. Not only area movement, but also character display, 4K display and faster frame rate.

That being said, Yoshida noted that the loading speeds of the SSD can alone prove to be of significant use even if Final Fantasy 14 does not receive a PlayStation 5-specific version. He further added that working on an already released game for cutting-edge hardware like PlayStation 5 would be incredibly costly.

[Square Enix] would have to reconsider everything from the way we made it. If you do not finish the method of mass-producing a huge number of assets with a large number of people, you will not be able to make it and it will be too expensive.

Yoshida expressed a wish last year to bring Final Fantasy 14 to PlayStation 5. He later clarified that fans should not treat his wish as a confirmation.

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game has been out since 2013 and has hence covered two whole console generations. The support for PlayStation 3 was ended for Final Fantasy 14 about three years after the game was released on PlayStation 4. By that account, Final Fantasy 14 will eventually make its way on PlayStation 5 but not anytime soon.

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