Ubisoft Announces Skull And Bones Reboot After Years Of No Info

If you’re one of those people who has been eagerly awaiting any sort of news on Ubisoft’s pirate game Skull and Bones for the past few years, we’ve got some good and bad news. The good news, the game is still coming. The bad news, Ubisoft has announced a Skull and Bones reboot.

Originally slated for a release in late 2018, Skull and Bones was inspired by the naval battles of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. It was originally supposed to branch Black Flag’s sailing into a full multiplayer game, but no real news came over the next three years.

Ubisoft had big plans for the game too, even arranging a tie-in television show with Atlus Entertainment. But the Skull and Bones release date repeatedly slipped over the past few years, including being entirely absent from the Ubisoft Forward event yesterday.

Currently its release date is supposedly in Ubisoft’s 2021 fiscal year, but with the company announcing the Skull and Bones reboot that date may no longer be inaccurate. There were apparently multiple different reasons for why the game is delayed, as well.

Apparently, despite coming from Black Flag’s highly popular sailing system, Skull and Bones was having a difficult time carving out its own niche among Ubisoft’s other products. Ubisoft Singapore delayed the game repeatedly trying to refine its concept.

Originally, a beta test for the game was supposed to take place sometime after Skull and Bones made an appearance at E3 2018, but this never happened. According to Ubisoft, the Skull and Bones reboot will apparently be moving away from the premium box model and to a more “live” game model.

This means that the game will be persistent, and will gain new quests and events depending on the actions of its community. This is different from The Division in that that game, despite its updates and events, remains fairly static.

While Ubisoft has cited Fortnite for how Skull and Bones gameplay will apparently be made going forward, with live storytelling and more, hopefully the game will actually be more on-track to release, whenever it does come out.