UFC 4 Gets Rated For PS5 & Xbox Series X

The new UFC 4 has been officially rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The rating was spotted earlier today and came as a complete surprise because when publisher Electronic Arts announced the game on the weekend, UFC 4 was said to be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, or at least such was implied.

…Our current goal as a team is to provide the best fighting game experience available to our players at launch in August on PS4 and Xbox One. We are exploring opportunities [for next-gen], but there is nothing to share right now.

The publisher noted at the time that there are no current plans for a next-generation release but that the developer will be “exploring opportunities” down the road. ESRB either made a mistake or leaked the new platforms ahead of schedule. Electronic Arts has not made a statement at the time of writing to clarify if UFC 4 will be landing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as well or not.

Electronic Arts did point out though that backwards compatibility should allow players to play UFC 4 on both generations of consoles. However, as creative director Brian Hayes stated, backwards compatibility of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X remains to be tested by the developer for the time being. The thing to take away here is that once the next-generation consoles have launched, UFC 4 should be naturally supported for a cross-generation experience.

UFC 4 is scheduled to release (officially) for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 14, 2020. The strength and skill of British heavyweights Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury can be obtained by pre-ordering right now. The boxing pair will also be available for purchase separately afterwards, and can even be earned through gameplay.

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