Playstation 5 Price & Release Date To Be Announced Today?

A new rumor surfaced today about Sony’s upcoming console, keeping everyone on edge. According to it, Sony Interactive Entertainment will announce the release date and price for the Playstation 5 later today.

The rumor comes from Twitter, with “reporter” Marlon Gaming Nation breaking the news. The leak claims that Sony Interactive Entertainment will proceed into announcements about the PS5 this evening. During the event, we’ll find out what the price and release date for Playstation 5 will be. In addition, the rumor states that pre-orders for PS5 will also go live today. This is big news if the leak is proven to be correct.

Apart from the announcement rumor, Marlon Gaming Nation also posted a potential leak from Target. The leak includes a price for the Playstation 5 digital edition. According to the screenshot, the price for the digital version will be $399. The price tag is a bit more than what we expected since this means that the basic console will be somewhere around $50-100 more.

Up until now, Sony has made no announcements about the matter. Rest assured, this rumor is not to be believed without solid proof. However, several Amazon regional stores have started opening up their Playstation 5 hardware pages. This means that the PS5 price and release date announcement can’t be that far ahead.

We know for a fact that Playstation 5 will release with 2 variants, one classic and one diskless edition. In addition, there will most probably be at least two colors for the console, with more limited edition ones coming down the road. Playstation 5 will launch with a variety of different accessories, including the Dualsense, a new HD camera, a media remote and a 3D wireless headset. As for the price and release date for Playstation 5, we’ll have to wait patiently and see when Sony is ready to make the big announcement.

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