PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Pages Up on Amazon Australia, Accessories Also Include a Charging Station

Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t announced the official PlayStation 5 price yet. However, various retailer listings have been suggesting different prices for Sony’s latest console. Now, Amazon Australia has listed PS5 pre-orders. Apart from the console, Amazon Australia has listed pre-orders for the following PS5 accessories:

  • Dualsense Controller
  • Charging Station for Dualsense
  • The PS5 Media Remote
  • PlayStation 5 HD Camera
  • PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

The wireless charging station for PS5 is definitely an accessory most PS5 gamers would love to have. The charging dock resembles the one described in the patent we covered earlier. Rest of the accessories are pretty much revealed and obviously depend on whether a user wants to buy them or not.

As for the console itself, both PS5 editions, Digital and regular are mentioned. Sadly, there is not price listed there and the status of listed products is “currently unavailable” for now.

Apart from that, there are some PS5 games too that have been listed on the Amazon Store. The list of the new PS5 games is as following:

Nothing new here as all of these games have already been revealed at PlayStation 5 reveal event. The real question is whether these games will be $60 or Sony will join the $70 group for the next-generation games? I guess, we are going to know that soon enough.

With all these store page listings, it’s safe to assume that we are getting PS5 price reveal soon. There has been various predictions about the price of PS5 ranging from $399 to $599. We are also expect that both the Digital and Standard PlayStation 5 editions will have a difference of $50 among them. For more updates, stay tuned to SegmentNext.