Naughty Dog Seeks Animator For “Future AAA Project(s)”

Naughty Dog has been on a hiring spree for the past couple of weeks, understandably for a new next-generation single-player game. The hiring began shortly after the highly acclaimed Last of Us Part 2 was released and while it would be too soon to expect an announcement, know for now that the acclaimed studio has started cooking for PlayStation 5.

On the weekend, Naughty Dog posted a new job listing that seeks out a technical gameplay animator to “raise the bar of interactive animation for future project(s)” in the triple-a space. The listing furthermore adds that the selected candidate will have an opportunity “to be part of the bleeding edge of visual quality and technology” on whatever Naughty Dog is working on.

Past job listings have so far included level and environment designers, melee and gameplay animators, tools programmers, and such. Their collective descriptions have pretty much confirmed that Naughty Dog requires candidates who can work on next-generation graphics for a triple-a project. The question now being, what exactly is the developer working on?

Both the Uncharted and Last of Us franchises are done in the eyes of Naughty Dog. Though, for the former, the developer has confirmed to have started work on a multiplayer experience. It has been seven long years since Naughty Dog introduced a brand new IP and on that basis, the developer is probably creating something new.

Neil Druckmann, vice president of Naughty Dog, has often praised Sony for giving the studio ample creative freedom. The only way to exercise that freedom on a next-generation PlayStation 5 would be to introduce a brand new universe with the potential of birthing another franchise.

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