New Capcom Fighting Games Being Developed? Rumors Say MVC4, Street Fighter 6

A new rumor is starting to go around that new Capcom fighting games, specifically Marvel vs Capcom 4 and Street Fighter 6, are in development. The rumor, started by EVO World Champion Ryan Ramirez, has yet to actually be confirmed, but it might still cause a lot of excitement among the fighting game community.

The previous games in both series, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and Street Fighter 5, came out in 2017 and 2016, respectively, and both got a rather middling reception among most fighting game fans for a variety of flaws, enough for MVC Infinite to be removed from EVO competitions and allowing Dragon Ball FighterZ to take its place.

While it’s possible that Capcom might be wanting to make new games to offset the underperformance of both titles, we haven’t heard anything from it about either the next Marvel vs Capcom game or the next Street Fighter game, though of course they like wouldn’t announce either one until they were close to being ready to launch.

However, there is at least some evidence that new Capcom fighting games are in the works. According to Ramirez, work on Marvel vs Capcom 4 at least began back in late 2018 or early 2019, and Capcom has previously been in talks with Marvel for characters that would be in the game and how many resources to give to the game.

Street Fighter 6 might have been officially announced during an event taking place after the Tokyo Olympics, which if not for the COVID-19 pandemic would have taken place this year. Season 5 of the game’s multiplayer might be intended to cover that big gap.

Once again this is all speculation until Capcom actually confirms it, but hopefully these rumored new Capcom fighting games are actually being worked on. Even if both of those games still have playerbases, a more conventional Marvel vs Capcom game or a Street Fighter title that’s better out of the gate would definitely be welcome.