Naughty Dog PS5 Game Being Recruited For, Dozens Of Openings

Naughty Dog doesn’t seem to be the type of studio to rest on their laurels, and they’ve proven it now by announcing a large variety of job openings on Twitter for an upcoming Naughty Dog PS5 game. There are no real details, however, and it will likely be years before we hear anything about it.

Naughty Dog only released The Last Of Us 2 this past month, and are already getting ready to start developing another game. This one might, somehow, even be more ambitious than Last Of Us, considering that game was already the biggest and most ambitious title Naughty Dog has ever done.

The various positions that are hiring at Naughty Dog include Art, Animation, Game Design, Lighting and Visual Effects, and Programming and UI. All of this comes up to twenty different openings, and there will likely be more if Naughty Dog’s new game is really as big as it claims.

A Naughty Dog PS5 game has a lot of potential to be even bigger than The Last Of Us 2, but considering they’re only starting to hire talent for it now, it’s unlikely we’ll see anything in the very near future considering how long The Last Of Us 2 took to come out just after its announcement.

However, whether Naughty Dog is able to fill all of the positions they have open is another matter entirely after allegations came out about crunch time and other mistreatment of developers during the development of The Last Of Us 2.

The hiring process might even be intended to replace various developers who either left after the completion of The Last Of Us 2, if they’re not brand-new positions created for game development. Either way, hopefully whatever the studio is working on for the Naughty Dog PS5 game actually lives up to the hype that the studio is creating for it.