Madden 21 Rookie Ratings Given For Wide Receiver Position

EA Sports has put out a number of Madden 21 rookie ratings on its website, specifically pointing out the stats of the many rookie wide receivers that we’re going to be getting to play in the game when it comes out. So, if you’re wanting to start building your team, take a look.

All of the various rookies that either have just joined or will join the NFL this coming season (or would have, were it not for the coronavirus) have been gathered together, and there’s sixty different options to choose from, but which of these rookies are actually the best?

That honor, going by ratings alone, belongs to Henry Ruggs III of the Oakland Raiders. Though he only has an overall rating of 76, his speed and accuracy are in the high nineties, and his agility and catching ratings, though not as high as speed and accuracy, are still in the high eighties. And 76 is still the highest rating on the whole list.

The Madden 21 rookie ratings can be especially handy for a player if they’re looking for someone who can fit their team properly. In the case of a Wide Receiver, you want someone who has a high catch rating, since the WR’s job is to catch passes thrown by the quarterback.

However, you also want your wide receiver to be fast and maneuverable to outmaneuver and outrun players trying to block the pass, which could lead to an interception if they’re able to catch it. A number of the wide receivers in the Madden 21 rookie ratings have higher catch rates than Ruggs’s 84.

But either way, the decision on which of these rookie wide receivers to trade or draft onto your team is entirely up to you. Madden NFL 21 will be coming out on August 25 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and to the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 after those consoles release. You can find the Madden rookie wide receiver listings here.