First Dualsense Image Surface Online, Much Bigger Than Its Predecessor

A big Dualsense rumor started circling the internet today. Apparently, we now have the first real life image of Dualsense controller. While the credibility of the uploader is uncertain, it does look like a fair try. If this is indeed the Playstation 5 controller, then it’s much bigger than we originally believed.

The Dualsense image appeared today on ResetEra by user Gamer17. As a result, a discussion started about the possibility of the picture being a fake or not. At this point, we only have a handful of official images for Dualsense, ones that cannot really portray its size and proportions. The new image though shows exactly how chunky the new controller is.

Dualsense Image

In the days of Playstation 4 and Xbox One, Sony didn’t manage to outrate Xbox’s controller in terms of design and comfort. Overall, PS4 is a more popular console. However, the Xbox One gamepad is one of the best ones out there. Playstation’s Dualshock 4 was perceived as small by many fans and its round and slick handles were a nuisance for players with bigger hands.

The original design of Dualsense is becoming more of the Xbox One controller than the one for Playstation 4. Apparently, it’s not only about the color. However, if the image from Resetera is legit then the Dualsense is even bigger than that. We’ll have to wait and see whether the proportions are real or not. Even so, its built-in features like the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will prove a huge upgrade from its predecessor.

Rumors want Sony Interactive Entertainment to be hosting yet another PS5 show in July. This might be the time when the release date and price for Playstation 5 will finally get revealed. Whatever the case, the next-gen console war is only just beginning and there’s no real saying on how it will unfold yet.

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