Eidos-Montreal Collaborates With McGill For Spatial Audio For Video Games

Video game developers are setting the new standards in the field of education. Not only is game development a solid field of studying now but studios provide expertise in more markets too. Today, McGill University and Eidos-Montreal announced their collaboration, aiming to research the implementation of spatial music in video games.

Why is this a huge day for video games as a market? Every form of art has been in conflict with the world as we know it. From paintings to music to movies and now to video games, it’s not easy for those niches to become a solid part of the greater society.

However, the collaboration closes the gap even more. During this research, McGill researchers and the audio artists of Eidos-Montreal will test the capabilities of 6 Degrees of Freedom HOA technology, an immersive type of audio implementation in video games that were not possible before.

The team of researches in this project includes Professor Richard King, Grammy-winning recording engineer, and Co-Director of the Immersive Media Lab (IMLAB) as well as Professor Wieslaw Woszczyk, McGill Professor of Sound Recording at the Schulich School of Music, as the official website of the university states. The announcement post also includes a statement from Eidos-Montreal senior audio director Rob Bridgett, talking about the project:

“For Eidos-Montreal, leading the development of our games through sound and music is a central part of our Crafting Emotions ethos. Our audiences are more excited than ever about immersive audio in their games. There are huge opportunities for revolutionizing composing, performing, and capturing music in an interactive spatial format that can translate to both game engines and our creative visions. McGill’s facilities, research, and expertise are one-of-a-kind in this regard.”

The results of the McGill and Eidos-Montreal research might not be “audible” right away. However, we might get to experience some of the magic of spatial sound in a future Square Enix title. Maybe a new Deus Ex game? Are we taking it too far?

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