Metacritic Sets Time Limits After The Last of Us 2 Review Bombing

It’s been years since the last time we’ve seen a game getting punished hard on Metacritic and it took only one day for The Last of Us 2 to become the talk of the industry because of it. The popular rating source decides to implement safety measures in order for users to not spam reviews resulting in “bombing”.

The Last of Us Part II players have managed to raise their score on Metacritic by a considerable amount over the past weeks. More specifically, they managed to get it from 3.4 user score to 5. The number won’t stop going up so we hope it will stabilize at a respectable point.

The source is also trying to find ways in order to reduce review bombing by implementing a time limit for reviews. A ResetEra user noticed that he couldn’t add a new review on Metacritic before July 9th, encouraging him to play the game more “before speaking about the quality of the product”. This seems to be a release date related to the timeframe, which in this case was 2 days.

As for The Last of Us 2, positive reviews are now more than negative ones on Metacritic. This means that a week from now we’ll most likely have a more representative picture of its value. Even if the plot didn’t meet that fans’ expectations, having the director and voice actors getting death threats is a big disrespect for the community.

Despite the controversy, The Last Of Us Part 2 has turned out to be the fastest-selling Playstation 4 exclusive ever. Its sales have risen to four million copies in just three days.

The Last of Us 2 is available exclusively on Playstation 4 with an updated edition releasing on Playstation 5 after its release. The next big Sony Interactive Entertainment launch is Ghost of Tsushima, going live in a week, on July 17th.

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