Digital Foundry Goes Into Detail On Why Spider-Man Miles Morales Framerate is 30

With a brand new console generation due to start up at the end of this year, gamers likely want something big right off the bat to really show just how powerful the new console is with the difference. However, Digital Foundry believes the Spider-Man Miles Morales framerate will only be 30.

As they went over in the video, the reasons are many. To start off with, the Playstation 5 will still be a new console when it comes out. Most of the more graphic-intensive games for it that will really push the envelope aren’t even launch titles.

Horizon Forbidden West, for example, even though it looked absolutely amazing in its Playstation 5 event trailer, won’t be coming out until sometime in late 2021 or 2022 even. Resident Evil Village doesn’t have a release date. It’s likely that Insomniac will be starting off small with Miles Morales, rather than pushing the envelope immediately.

Insomniac is probably holding back the Spider-Man Miles Morales framerate for consistency between the original game and it standalone expansion before really kicking graphics into high gear with the next actual game. And that’s not to say Insomniac isn’t making use of the Playstation 5’s GPU, either.

While the framerate for Miles Morales may still be at 30 frames per second, there’s a huge amount of other graphical improvements that point to how much more involved the GPU is. Things like traffic density, weather, and more all show that the game can now handle more graphically.

Again, it’s likely that while the Spider-Man Miles Morales framerate may not be at 60 frames per second now, the next official game will be. If you’d like to see Digital Foundry’s video for yourself, you can follow this link to see it.

Spider-Man Miles Morales will be coming exclusively to the Playstation 5 as a launch title whenever that console releases, though we have no idea when that will be yet.