Capcom Releases Resident Evil Village Survey Online

Capcom has recently released a Resident Evil Village survey online in order to gauge what people mostly want out of the game and how the information given in the trailer came across. However, it doesn’t give us very much actual information on the game that we don’t already know now.

The survey mainly consists of asking how aware you are of the Resident Evil series, such as what games you’ve played, where you heard about the trailer, and what games that had previously been released for the Resident Evil series that you expect Village to be like.

All we really know from the game, which was announced at the Playstation 5 reveal event is that Chris Redfield and Ethan Winters will be appearing again, this time trapped in a village somewhere that’s filled with monsters of all sorts. Of course, that’s also something that plays into the survey questions.

Alongside the questions in the survey talking about your experience with the series, the Resident Evil Village survey also goes into a great deal of depth on a number of things related to the game. How you found out about it, what you’d like to learn more about or see more of, what makes you more likely to play it, and more.

Resident Evil 7, the game’s immediate predecessor, managed to get Resident Evil back onto the proper survival horror track after Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 made the game less about horror and more like an action movie that just happened to involve zombies.

While we have no idea of what Resident Evil Village will actually be like, going by the trailer it looks like it will once again be full of ways for us to be scared. If you’d like to take the survey yourself, you can follow this link to fill it out. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait and see what all Capcom will be able to announce about the game.