You Will Have To Pick And Choose What Biomutant Perks Are Active

We’ve finally gotten some more information about the upcoming game Biomutant from Experiment 101, and alongside a trailer that shows off a lot more gameplay than we previously had, the developers also went into some detail on how your character abilities worked. For instance, you’ll be picking and choosing what Biomutant perks are active.

A big part of Biomutant’s gameplay is that the protagonist is able to mutate themselves to get new abilities and powers to help them traverse and fight in the world, and you can even, for the completionists among us, eventually get every single ability and perk in the game.

However, as we said above, you can only have a certain number active at any time, likely a choice to either keep people from passing through every obstacle after a huge amount of grinding, or to prevent players from becoming overwhelmed by information.

Thankfully, the Biomutant perks that you get can still be swapped on the fly, allowing you to adjust to changing battles and challenges that you might have otherwise needed to find some kind of special item in order to respec your abilities.

Considering all of the various enemies that we saw during the various gameplay trailers, which have ranged from small animals about your size to enormous monstrosities that look like they belong more in Monster Hunter, it’s likely you’ll need every perk you can get to overcome these challenges.

Considering that many people were thinking that Biomutant had been cancelled at some point due to us going a very long time without any sort of information, it’s nice to hear about the gameplay and news that we’ll be getting a final release date soon.

If you’re interested in all of the different Biomutant perks that the game will have for you to unlock and test out, the game will likely be launching sometime this year on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Whether it’s ported to next-gen consoles is a mystery so far.