Negotiations Rumored To Be Underway For Multiple Companies Acquiring Warner Bros.

Everyone knows Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment as the game company behind the Batman Arkham games, along with a large number of other various titles over its long history. Now, there’s discussion about multiple companies acquiring Warner Bros. Interactive, including Microsoft, along with Take-Two, EA, and Activision, though nothing is confirmed yet.

Despite many successes with the studio, including the Middle Earth: Shadow games and the Batman games, AT&T announced last month that it was considering a sale of the division. It had acquired the division in a buyout of Time Warner assets in 2018.

It’s likely the sale is being done in order to help with some of the company’s debts, which it acquired while buying not just Warner Bros. Interactive but also DirecTV back in 2014. The coronavirus pandemic has also been causing it to lose money.

Microsoft may only be one of the forces in discussion among companies acquiring Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, but the company has been on a buying spree of various game studios the past few years, likely to create a strong lineup for the Xbox Series X.

While we haven’t seen any first-party games for the system yet, Microsoft will be holding an event on July 23 to show these games off. While the Playstation 5 showed off a number of big games at its own reveal event, including Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and more, Xbox still has a chance to make an even bigger impression.

With a studio like Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment in their corner, it’s likely Microsoft will be able to get another well-known and well-regarded developer in its corner. With the alternatives being Activision, Take-Two, and EA as potential companies acquiring Warner Bros Interactive, Microsoft seems like the best choice.

Of course, we’ll have to see who actually does the buying when all is said and done, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this news to see who does end up buying it.