Is Shadow Warrior 3 Coming? Developer Teases With Twitter Post

A recent post on Twitter from the official Shadow Warrior Twitter page has apparently dropped a huge hint that Shadow Warrior 3 is coming, after four years of silence. The previous Shadow Warrior game came out in 2016, and we’ve heard nothing really from developer Flying Wild Hog since it released.

The Twitter post says that Flying Wild Hog is currently recording a teaser trailer, so we can likely expect at least that to come out sometime soon, though exactly how soon is still a matter of debate. We may even see it in the Devolver Direct program happening later this month.

Shadow Warrior is a reboot of the original Shadow Warrior games that came out in 1997. A first person shooter much like the current games, Shadow Warrior had players take on the role of Lo Wang as he fought and killed demons in Japan to prevent the evil Master Zilla from conquering the country.

The Shadow Warrior reboot, which came out in 2013, was essentially the same game, but with better graphics, a tighter story, and of course more frenetic and gory combat. It’s likely that Shadow Warrior 3 will give us more of the same whenever it releases.

Shadow Warrior 2 when it came out in 2016 changed up the formula somewhat. While it kept the basic premise and continued the story, its gameplay changed. Taking on something of a Vermintide or Left 4 Dead theme, players can revisit missions to gain new weapons, level up their characters, and complete quests in a central hub.

It’s not known exactly what Shadow Warrior 3 will center its own gameplay around. Shadow Warrior 2 got positive reviews but was something of a sleeper hit, though its sales were still quadruple that of the original Shadow Warrior in 2013.

It remains to be seen just what will become of the third Shadow Warrior game, but hopefully it will have been well worth the wait whenever it does decide to come out.