Rumor: Playstation 5 Price & Release Date To Be Announced This Month

Everyone is counting days until the release of next-gen consoles, with Microsoft and Sony not yet laying out their plans just yet. An insider claims that the Playstation 5 price and release date will be announced this month, amidst several videogame announcements from different publishers.

The rumor comes from Twitter, in the comment section of a well-put-together calendar of video game broadcasts within the summer by Jeff Grubb. There, insider Roberto SerranĂ² added a new Sony Interactive Entertainment announcement, including the price and release date for Playstation 5. More specifically, he claims that the date for this announcement is on July 13th, which is only 10 days from now. Is it doable?

In reality, Sony does need to have a fast schedule of announcements before pre-orders for Playstation 5 open up. We still need to know what the price for Playstation 5 will be, although there are some rough estimations. Analysts expect its price to be around $450-500. As for its release dates, opinions differ from November to as far as late January. Everything right now is an expectation though. We know nothing for sure and we’ll have to wait for Sony to make the official announcement.

In related news, new clarifications on how the backward compatibility feature of Playstation 5 was recently revealed. According to a popular Japanese source, the upcoming Sony console will not only support Playstation 4 discs but second-hand ones will not cause any restrictions either.

Going back to the announcement calendar, we also have a Riot Games event for July, events for Gamescom, the Xboxing Day as well as a brand new State of Play. The list is extensive. However, we can’t really know if all of those events are legit and will be live on those days.

Playstation 5 releases this holiday, 2020 with no set release date and price yet. The console launches with a brand new controller, the Dualsense as well as backward compatibility, and no loading times. Let’s hope that pre-orders will open up this month so that we can be ready for the huge wave of sales ahead of the Playstation 5 launch.

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