When Will Horizon Zero Dawn Release On Steam?

Following a series of rumors, the acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn was officially announced for a release on PC back in March. Both Sony and Guerrilla Games have since then only cited the summers as a potential release window. That momentary silence has now been broken.

The Steam listing of the game was just updated to confirm that Horizon Zero Dawn will officially release on August 7, 2020. The updated listing is now also allowing interested players to place pre-orders for $15.99, a price point that could be slightly raised after the game finally releases.

Take note that the Steam version of Horizon Zero Dawn is the complete edition, which bundles the Frozen Wilds expansion pack as well as several other add-ons ranging from the Carja Trader pack to the Banuk Traveller pack.

Horizon Zero Dawn on PC will feature support for ultrawide resolutions and forgo a field-of-view slider. The existing photo mode will be enhanced by supporting both Nvidia Ansel and Freestyle. Besides some of the other traditional PC-specific features, Horizon Zero Dawn will offer the same engaging open-world experience that millions have already enjoyed on PlayStation 4.

Earlier today, the end-user license agreement (EULA) of the game was discovered to have gone live. There was a belief that Horizon Zero Dawn could release on Steam as soon as the ongoing Summer Sale concludes next week. Fans though will have to wait out another month before jumping in.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a massive success on PlayStation 4 and sold more than 10 million copiesย worldwide within the first couple of years. Guerrilla Games had reportedly started work on a sequel soon after the original was released. Horizon Forbidden West will now continue the narrative on PlayStation 5 with Aloy and her associates exploring a new frontier of a post-apocalyptic America.

Horizon Forbidden West will not be the end of Aloy though. Guerrilla Games has reportedly been tasked by Sony to create a complete trilogy, meaning that there will eventually be another new dawn down the road. Whether Forbidden West and its sequel land on Steam as well remains to be seen.

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