Call Of The Sea Will Run At 4K 60FPS On Xbox Series X, Gameplay, Puzzles, More

Call of the Sea, a first-person adventure puzzler, will be one of the first indie games to release for Xbox Series X in the near future. Drawing influences from popular games like Firewatch and Subnautica, Call of the Sea promises to be an exploratory adventure in the truest sense.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, Tatiana Delgado, co-founder of Out of the Blue, stated that Call of the Sea has no action or combat. What the game has is a progression system driven by a desire to discover and solve puzzles. Each new chapter will evolve the environments and weather to pave way to new areas that players can explore (and enjoy) if they want.

Delgado though refrained from “giving away too much” because Call of the Sea still has “many months of development” left. What was confirmed though was that the game will be running in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second on Xbox Series X. Delgado also shied away from clarifying if the resolution and frame rate will be the only factors differentiating the Xbox Series X version from Xbox One.

Call of the Sea remains without a release date but will eventually land on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. The interview can be gone through below.

Let’s start with the effects of recent Coronavirus pandemic. Has it affected your development pace?

Since we work remotely we were lucky to have all our processes in place, so there were no alterations in the development. We believe that for small teams like us, it is a great solution that allows us to not only adapt very easily to external factors, but also to hire talent from any place in the world.

It’s an adventure game right? Will we see any combat in the game? Is the gameplay linear or Is there some sort of freedom for the player?

There is no action or combat in Call of the Sea. We want the players to enjoy the environments and explore them at their own pace. In terms of the pacing and gameplay progression, we have divided the game into chapters to allow us to tune the environments, weather, and make the environments evolve as the story does. When we design games we have players’ emotions in mind. That being said, although there is a linear story to be told, in each chapter there will be areas and environments that the player can explore as they want to.

Obviously, we are going to see a lot of puzzles in the game. Talk to us about the variety of puzzles we can expect to see in the game. Are there any puzzles that will make most gamers scratch their heads?

When we design puzzles we want them to be integrated into the world as part of the environment. We want the players to observe, experiment, explore, and understand how they work. Some of the puzzles will have to do with the expedition itself using the real-world technology of the era. In others, you will try to decipher what the ancient ruins were for, or try to understand the defences built by the islanders.

However, although Call of the Sea is a puzzle game, I would say it is the narrative that drives the game. Therefore puzzles serve the narrative and make the story advance as a reward when solving them. A puzzle must not block the flow of the game for too long, as frustration would ruin the pacing.

So how long of an adventure, Call of the Sea is going to be? Average number of hours?

It depends on how much the player wants to spend looking for clues, putting the pieces of the story together. We have put in a lot of attention to detail for those players that appreciate that and want to uncover every little secret. But at the same time, taking care of those players that just want to enjoy some puzzles and understand the fundamental parts of the story.

Is there some kind of progression system for our character in the game or its fixed number of skills from start to end?

Since narrative is what drives the game, the evolution will be more of Norah as  a character and the discovery of what happened in that strange place. I don’t want to say much more than that for fear of spoilers!

We already have a lot of puzzle adventure games out there, what’s the unique element/s in Call of the Sea that will make fans of the genre buy the game?

As we said before, we put in a lot of attention to detail when creating the scenes and the environmental storytelling, increasing the immersion in the game’s world. Also puzzles are not just arbitrarily added to the world without any context. We hope that players find an engaging story that will hook them as well as surprising gameplay moments that are hinted at in our reveal trailer.

Will we see any companions for Norah throughout her adventure?

We don’t want to give away too much about the game, but what we can say is we love the feeling of exploring empty spaces.

Let’s talk about the next-gen port of the game. It’s an Xbox Series X Launch title. What is going to be the main difference between Xbox One and Series X Version?

With many months of development still left, I still cannot elaborate on specifics at this stage.

What Resolution and FPS players can expect play Call of the Sea at on Xbox Series X?

We will have 4k 60fps

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