Resident Evil Village Is More Than Half-Done

It has not been even 6 months since the release of Resident Evil 3. However, Resident Evil Village, the next addition to the Resident Evil franchise is not only announced but apparently is halfway done. According to an early opinion piece on Famitsu, Capcom’s next game is 60% done with its development already.

The news comes from the latest issue of Famitsu. Early readers shared information about the development of Resident Evil 8. According to ryokutya2089 who first reported the news,  the game will set in a village in Europe. This hits even more Resident Evil 4 vibes than before.

In addition, he quoted the magazine, stating that Resident Evil 8 is 60% already. The fact that its development is more than halfway done means that a release date might be announced way sooner than we initially expected.

In addition to the Famitsu news, Resident Evil insider Dusk Golem shared another useful piece of information. Resident Evil Village was initially destined for Playstation 4 and Xbox One but those versions were scrapped due to limitations to the game’s vision.

“Because there’s a bigger focus on exploration this would lead to the last-gen console versions having notable issues, and it was holding back how pretty they could make certain scenes. So they decided to drop the last-gen versions of the game to make it so the game had no loading at all (not limited by last gen hardware) and push the graphic overhaul further without the limitations of last-gen tech in mind.”

This is actually great news because this shows the extent of the Resident Evil Village’s features and gameplay. No loading times and seamless exploration is what will bring the Resident Evil series to the next level.

Resident Evil 8 has no set release date yet. However, we know that it will be available on Playstation 5, PC through Steam and Xbox Series X. More news about the game will be available in August as Capcom announced.

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